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nfl jerseys from china gallery-9485543" class="esi-gallery" data-galleryId="9485543 news/people/10-of-the-most-controversial-fashion-adverts-9485543 10 Of The Most Controversial Fashion Adverts Protein World's head of global marketing, Richard Staveley, revealed the company received a bomb threat following the launch of the advert but said it had been ��a brilliant campaign��.Eating disorder charity Beat called ASA��s ruling ��extremely disappointing�� and maintains that it is irresponsible."While we recognise advertising and the media cannot cause eating disorders - they are much more complex than that - we are aware how toxic images can be to an individual,�� Rebecca Field said."While continuing to promote a slender body image as the only one we should aspire to, the Protein World advert advertises diet products, only adding to the harmful effect it could have on those susceptible to an eating disorder."Every body is different and Beat will continue to campaign to see a wide variety of shapes and sizes represented in the media.��Additional reporting by PA EDDIE IZZARD: No, I'm fearful. Simon Usborne on the word that has come to symbolise privilege in a supercharged marketSummer shortage keeps house prices buoyantOne in three streets in Britain has at least one property that has been empty for six months or more - reportThe ethics of pet food: Why are we are so selective in how we show animals our love?Map of middle-class London reveals zones where only the super-rich can afford to buy propertyCrufts 2015: Should foreign dogs be allowed to compete?Detached houses make comeback as developers shift away from flatsHouse price increases likely to spell ��buoyant start�� to 2015London housing: High prices and overcrowding drive thirtysomethings to provincial citiesWhat's important for good sex, according to womenThe survey found that stress had the greatest negative impact on women's sex livesIs hiding your gender during sex a crime?The make-up artist who posted before-and-after photos of the porn stars she styles was shunned by the industryThe men who are turned on by high risk sexYou may have had sex with more people than you originally thoughtWatching porn does not cause negative attitudes to women, study finds'I have herpes and I'm not ashamed': Woman tells the world about STI to battle stigmaMasturbation is good for you, scientists explainHow lubricant can transform your sex lifeThe ethics of pet food: Why are we are so selective in how we show animals our love?For a nation of animal lovers, we are surprisingly unconcerned about the food we give our pets. nfl jerseys from china nfl jerseys china nfl jerseys nike nfl jerseys nfl jerseys nike